5 times Logan and Julian sleep together and the one time they actually do.

The one time they actually do.
A/n : This can be read as a stand alone fic because it is written as such, though it continues on from part 5 and the previous parts can be found here, also on ao3.
We’ve finally reached the end of the journey and I would like to thank everybody who has ever read this series.

He thinks now that they’re actually together it will be different, things will be different but its not. They’re still Logan and Julian and he smiles at his sleeping boyfriend next to him. ”Hmm.” Logan murmurs and pulls Julian close to him. “Sleep“ he mumbles and tucks Julian next to him, slotting their feet together, spooning him gently, Julian’s back to his chest.

“I cant.” Jules replies shifting under Logan’s arm from where its curled around him, “Work remember” Logan just grunts and pulls him close to him, his soft breath against Julian’s neck. “Stay.”

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5 times Logan and Julian sleep together and the one time they actually do.

A/n : Continues on from part 4 and the previous parts can be found here, also on ao3.
Happy Dalton Week everybody.

The fifth time.

Julian blinks, eyes falling close, his subconscious must really hate him and when he opens his eyes. Logan is still standing in front of him.

“Lo-“ words fail to come out and Logan is just standing there looking at him. “I –“ he moves away from the door and wordlessly gestures Logan to enter in.

They stand there looking at each other and none of them is in a good shape.  He still has tear tracks down his cheeks and Logan looks like he has not slept since Julian last saw him. He looks like he’s in shock, like he doesn’t know how he ended up here and this is also coupled with other emotions.

“What- what’s wrong. Did something happen? Derek-“ he trails off when he sees Logan shake his head no, all the while still staring at him.

“That’s good.” he breathes out gratefully and he is, because everything is fine and he was scared for an instant that something had happened, but it still doesn’t explain why Logan is here.

“So-“he trails awkwardly because he doesn’t know what to say. The last time they were together a lot of things were said and not said at the same time. They didnt say goodbye, though it was one and both knew that he wouldn’t return.

They were friends, they were always going to be friends and nothing else and he was slowly trying to get used to life that he chose without Logan in it, that is until Logan showed up.

“There all these memories, photos back in Dalton.” Logan is looking at him carefully, searchingly.” from freshmen year till now and you’re in every single one of them.”

“You were always there right from the start, a constant and then suddenly you weren’t.” He closes he eyes and opens it again. “I thought I wouldn’t miss you, or miss you so much.” he licks his lips suddenly finding them dry “but the magnitude of me missing you, missed me completely. “

“We were friends, we were always going to be friends, but-“ he takes a deep breath and exhales “somewhere along the way I fell in love with you.” and Julian is staring back at him unblinkingly “and looking back I think you loved me back.”

He moves and takes Julian’s hand in his, “I’m so sorry Jules. I’m sorry I’m telling you this way.” He clutches Julian’s finger’s tightly in his “You deserve so much more but I didn’t realise it back then because you’re Julian and you’re my friend and we fight and we fuck and I love you.”

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5 times Logan and Julian sleep together and the one time they actually do.

A/n : Continues on from part 3 and the previous parts can be found here, also on ao3

We’re now in the place where these lovable boys are finally acknowledging their feelings, so in the time frame of things declarations should start pretty soon, like right now.

5 times Logan and Julian sleep together and the one time they actually do.

The Fourth time.

It’s been two days since he dropped Julian off at the airport and Logan hasn’t moved from his bed since then. He can’t, he doesn’t want too. It still smells like him. The entire room smells of Julian and his cologne and Logan and his cologne, of them together and the last kiss they shared before Julian had to leave.

He spends his time studying photos of them. There are so many; Julian and him, Derek and him, all of them together, from their freshmen year to the last summer in Hamptons. If studied closely it, you could see them slowly growing in the photos. Three years worth of photos.

They looked so happy, standing arm in arm, wide smiles on their face.  Julian was there with him, in all the photos, sometimes smiling, sometimes smirking, some in the sunglasses which he had gifted him.

Three years of photos, memories and now he may never return.

How do you tell your best friend, the one you’re sleeping with, that you care for him? That you love him so much that you don’t mind being exclusive.  That all the other guys mean nothing, are nothing compared to him, that you miss him. That you love him; that you’re in love with him.

That you were always in love with him, but you didnt realise it then. That it took him leaving, to realise how much he meant to you and how scared you were about feeling, scared about telling, scared about losing him ; the best thing to ever happen to you

How do you tell him, that you were always searching for him, but you didnt know it then and now its too late and you’re worried that he might not even return.

He studies a photo of Julian laughing and how happy and beautiful he looked. Eyes closed, a smile dancing on his lips. “Just tell him.”  Derek said softly, when he came to check up on him. “it doesn’t hurt to try.”

But how do you tell him?

There’s a knock on the door again.  “I’m fine D.” Logan calls out. It’s not the truth but only Julian can make him feel better but he’s not here right now. He may never come back , so he might as well get used to living a life without Jules in it.

The door slowly opens and he sighs and looks up. He knows Derek means well, that he’s worried but he just wants to be left alone. He finds Jules standing at his door way, looking like a shell of himself.

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5 times Logan and Julian sleep together and the one time they actually do.

A/n : Continues on from part 2 which can be found here and the  previous parts can be found here.  We’re now in the place where these lovable boys are finally realizing /acknowledging their feelings, so in the time frame of things,declaration should start pretty soon.

Once again I hope I’ve captured the feelings and sex but especially feelings, and if you’re still following this fic, then this is for you.

5 times Logan and Julian sleep together and the one time they actually do.

The Third time

It’s been a week since it happened. A week since Julian left for the call and never returned. He plays with the pills in his hand. “Take them.” He imagines Derek telling him “You’ll feel better”. But he knows that he won’t. The pills numb him. He’ll float along, he’ll be in bliss, he may not feel but he won’t forget. Can’t forget. They don’t work that way.

He’ll still remember.  Once the after-effects die down, he’ll feel again. His Jules is missing. So why take them? They can’t bring Jules back because Jules has left.  

He upends the bottle into the bin and tosses it away. Only Jules can make him feel better, only he can make this go away, and he’s not here.


Breakfast is a noisy affair with the various chatters of the boys, regarding homework and extracurricular activities. He used to be one of them; bitching about home work, perils of being a prefect, fencing, his dad the Senator and just life in general.

But all of that is nothing compared to Julian not being there. His best friend was not there.

The room quietens when he enters, all eyes on him. He scowls back and a twitch of an eyebrow causes everybody to return back to their conversation, albeit at a much softer tone.

“You do know we have a zero tolerance bullying policy in place right?!”

That voice. That fucking voice. That fucking melodious, perfect, sexy voice.

Jules is standing at the door way of the common room, like as if he just got out of bed and came for his normal cup of coffee. Definitely not like someone who went missing for a week and then suddenly showed up out of the blue.

There is pin drop silence in the room as everyone stares at the resident Diva, though some shift glances between Logan and him. Logan doesn’t notice this; he’s still staring at his friend.

 “I’m back” Julian greets and nonchalantly moves up to get a cup of coffee.  His greeting is met with silence and some of the Stuart Warblers hiss in fear, at the explosion that is sure to come

 “Why?” Logan tries unable to form any words. It’s been a week since he last saw him. One week, 7 days since he saw his friend. And after everything they did and felt, because it wasn’t just fucking anymore. There were feelings involved. They made love and he knew that Jules felt it too, and then he just up and disappears. He just leaves and doesn’t come back.

7 days of not seeing him, 7 days of not talking to him, 7 days of missing him and now he’s here.

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5 times Logan and Julian sleep together and the one time they actually do.

A/n : Carries on from part 1 which can be found here. Once again I hope I’ve captured the feelings and sex but especially feelings. 

5 times Logan and Julian sleep together and the one time they actually do.

The 2nd time.

They don’t talk about it or discuss or mention it even and everything is back to normal.  They’re just good friends (who slept together) and Julian thinks that its not going to happen again, until it does.

This time, its Logan who initiates it; Logan who goes searching for his best friend when his advances are rejected. “I’m not good enough “he whispers “I’m just not good enough. I did everything, so much. Everything he ever wanted and he –“

Julian moves ups and wraps his arms around him. Logan should not be feeling this way; sad, broken, unwanted, pining for another. He shouldn’t. He is Logan Wright; he gets everything he ever wants. He should get everything he wants, any one he wants. But when it actually counts, he doesn’t and thats where they’re both similar.

They’re both searching for love, happiness, family and acceptance and while Julian may have found his missing puzzle piece, Logan is still searching, not realising that what he’s searching for is right there in his arms.

He kisses Logan’s cheeks, forehead, all the while hands moving, comforting, caring, soothing, assuring that he is wanted, he is needed, he is loved; all without words.

Logan leans into the touch and breathes Julian in, arms’ moving around his friend’s back, pulling him towards him. He moves slowly against Julian’s fingers, letting it soothe him and when Julian moves to kiss his cheek again Logan shifts his head and Julian gets his lips.

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5 times Logan and Julian “sleep” together and the one time they actually do.

A/n: Safe to say that the time-line of this story, at least this part takes place way early on in Dalton. In spite of the title of this story, its more about feelings than sex and I really hope I’ve captured that.

5 times Logan and Julian “sleep” together and the one time they actually do.

The first time it happened, it was because of loneliness. They were both searching for something; something which resembled love, hope, family, acceptance. Something they didn’t have.

It was Julian who suggested it. He needed to feel that Logan cared for him. He needed to see it. Knowing that Logan cared and Derek telling him was not good enough.

“Its just sex“ Julian tells him. “- like friends with benefits.” Logan looks at him dumbstruck. He continues on, steeling himself, locking all emotions away. He cant  enter this wearing his heart on his sleeve. He’s a ready been hurt too much.

“-except we already are. Atleast I think we are” and therein lies the problem. He wants Logan in any capacity that he could get and he was not even sure that they were friends.

They gravitated to each other because of their bond of disliking same things and he just need to know.

“We are” Logan said softly from behind him and for the first time since the conversation started  Julian turned around to face the man he loved, who didn’t love him back.

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