How Dwight and Laura finally got together.

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Summary : Blaine and Twins want Dwight to go out with Laura so they give him “the Talk”

“Okay Tweedles I am here, where’s the ectoplasm secreting wall?” asked Dwight walking into Blaine’s room with his salt and Holy water ready. “You told him what!?“ said Blaine to the Tweedles getting up to lock the door. “Well it’s the only way we absolutely knew that would get the Knight’s attention” chorused the Tweedles who were having a pillow fight with Blaine’s cushions.

“For Casteil’s sake, please stop wasting precious time and show me the wall” said Dwight. “What wall?” replied the Tweedles as they looked up from the pillow fight as Dwight was becoming even more frustrated. “Sit down Dwight” said Blaine removing his cushions from the Tweedles, who then removed their nerf guns and started firing at each other.

“We have to talk- “said Blaine” “But -” interrupted Dwight “the wall can wait” before Dwight could say anything else he continued “We have to talk about Laura”. “ Laura” replied Dwight.  ”Yes the talking flower” said Evan “Pretty little talking flower “said Ethan.

“Has she discovered any more malignant spirits” “Well” said Blaine shaking his head “she likes you, God only knows why though.” “It’s because of my skills of detecting the undead” replied Dwight.  “Okay so we are now detecting the undead, since when?” said Evan “In that case have you investigated the Knave, because he’s not himself”

 “Yes” agreed Blaine “but wait we didnt call you here to talk about Logan, Laura really likes you”. “So” said Dwight, “Do something about it” chorused the others.” But I already told her that hunters live and breathe saving the world and helping innocents” “You told her that, why did you tell her that, when did you tell her that. You should not say things like that” said an exasperated Blaine.            ” Yesterday, she invited me for coffee” replied Dwight.  At this all the other all looked at him.

“Okay Knight you have got to do something otherwise we won’t get any more little knights and then who will save us” said Tweedles throwing themselves on Dwight while Blaine shook his head,

“Okay you guys are not helping”  said Blaine shaking his head and effectively taking matters in his own hands saying “Dwight  after your gone whose gonna save the world”  Dwight looked scared at the thought of all the undead roaming  around with no one to stop them.  Blaine continued “Yes you have to help oh brave one to train more knights.” “But where do I find them and they cant just be anybody” cried Dwight. “Thats right Dwight” said Blaine “You could train your children like little Dean and Sam, train them to be the best hunters, then you could go save the world together “. “So how would I do that, you know get little Dean and Sam?”.

At this all the three boys were puzzled and then Evan started” When mommy and daddy love each other, the daddy puts his tadpoles in the mommy’s playground “.  “Where its nice comfy” added Ethan “and a lot of toys” added Evan while during all this Blaine was shaking with laughter.  While they were technically correct, he knew that there was no other way they could give Dwight the talk, without him causing to jump through the window, so he let them continue.” Why would they do that?” said Dwight, when Ethan said that the first tadpole which reached the cakes gets to eat the cake “cant they share “ he continued .“ Yes they can, sharing is good “, said the Tweedles and continued on, all the while Blaine was laughing and then he said “But that happens rarely you see, its a race. The tadpole which is the strongest and the fastest gets to eat the cake” “And nine months later a baby is formed” said the Tweedles happily.

At which Dwight looked at them sceptically” I dont think so you guys, because Newman’s Ecology and Environmental Science class said something entirely different”. ” Oh thank god you took the class” sighed Blaine and continued “well what you learnt there, that’s what happens and that’s how babies come.”  “But we always thought that storks bring the babies” said the confused Tweedles. “Tweedles, here” said Blaine in response handing them the cushions “Go pillow fight with each other “and they proceeded to do that while walking out of the room. “So Dwight” continued Blaine “long story short, to protect the world from future zombies, you have to go out with Laura.”  ”But why Laura “said Dwight. Blaine getting up said,” Didn’t you say that she was the first person to discover that there was something wrong with Adam?”. “ Yes” replied Dwight. ”So with her super deductive skills and your skill of detecting the undead and malignant spirits , your children will be like Dean and Sam  and then you could save the world together” said Blaine walking Dwight to his door. “ I like that” said Dwight. “Good” said a tired Blaine “now go call her and fix time for another meeting, may be to discuss zombies”. “She would like that” said Dwight “she mentioned them yesterday”. Saying this he walked out of the room with his phone in his hand to dial Laura’s number as Blaine shut his door and threw himself on the bed and laughed his head out.  As he sobered up he said “ One down , One more to go - bring Julian and Logan together”.

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