With the help of Amanda.

A Jogan and Seigerson Sibling ficlet.

“Bear, I’m bored” Amanda declared as she entered the room and climbed up the bed. “Panda” Derek sighed and put down the book. “What were you doing before you got bored?” Derek asked as he helped her climb the bed.

“Cindy got married’ she said lifting up her Barbie doll “And now I don’t know what to do.” Amanda continued as she settled down the doll, she had brought along with her.

“Well you could always marry Yoyo and Juju Bear “Derek grinned wickedly

This caught the concern of the two other people in the room.

“Any guy would be lucky to have me as his husband” Julian said absently as he checked his twitter while Logan read.

This statement was followed by the most awkward – in case of Julian and Hilarious –in case of Derek, pause ever.

“What?!” Logan asked as Julian tried to school his features. Julian’s actions in the past few weeks had been perplexing Logan. While he didn’t have a clear idea what exactly was worrying Julian, this statement sort off made it known, and for some reason this gave him hope. Maybe - just maybe-.

 “Girl.I mean Girl.” shouted Julian as Derek tried and failed to control his laughter and Logan looked at the two of them, suspicious. So Derek knew too.

“But there are no girls here” cried Amanda “Yoyo, You have to marry Juju.” she declared and climbed down and walked towards them.

“Absolutely “Logan said and put down the book. It was now or never, he realised. When it was just the three of them, when their guards were down, he would not get an opportunity like this again. He stood up and walked towards Julian and raised out his hand.

Julian was stunned; He couldn’t believe what was happening. Oh my god his inner monologue started I cant believe I said it out loud but he doesn’t seem surprised, he thought as he chanced a look at Logan and saw smiling him for some reason.

His eyes met Derek. Derek too was surprised at the recent turn of events even more so when Logan replied to Amanda.

Julian started to panic after he heard Logan. Oh my god and he doesn’t mind and he- His monologue stopped as he realised that Logan was standing in front of him with his hand stretched out.

He glanced up at Logan, afraid of what he would find.

Instead he found happiness, friendship, understanding and something which even looked like love and he stretched out his hand and allowed Logan to pull him up.

“I do” he whispered as he met Logan’s understanding loving eyes. “I do too” Logan replied as he lifted Julian fingers up to his lips.

“Very good “Amanda declared, as she stood between them. “ But Yoyo, Juju, the wedding has not yet started”.

“Believe me Amanda” Derek said as he reached his sister. “For them it has.”

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