Cup cakes - A Chustin Drabble

"Chaz what are you eating ?" asked Justin as he puts his books down the table and went to kiss his boyfriend on the cheek. "Cupcakes" he replies with his mouth full as he sat doing his homework "Ooh give me some" asked Justin as he sat down next to him.

There had been a surplus of cakes thanks to the Stuart House and they had given some to Windsor as a peace offering, who were then told to pass the cupcakes to Hanover, but Windsor being Windsor finished the Cupcakes and Charlie caught the last one before it have been eaten also.

"Sorry" said Charlie "I’m eating the last one…but if you want we could always share " as he leaned and pulled Justin towards him, claiming his mouth in a hot kiss.

"The cup cakes do taste good " moaned Justin into the kiss, tongues mating with each other, each trying to take control of the kiss.

"I know right" moaned Charlie "but now you just concentrate on kissing me"

"Anything you want" replied Justin as he pulled Charlie closer towards him.

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